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KPOP: A threat to the macho population?

I won’t deny myself the fact that I’m a big K-Pop fan and I don’t care or even give a damn if people hate the idea of me listening to TVXQ/DBSK or even Super Junior!

It kept me wondering why a good couple of the male population give out a sour look every time MYX plays or features Super Junior’s songs. Are they threatened that their girlfriends are willing to sacrifice a little of their time for these Kpop artists without complaint? Or the men’s egos go down the drain when they see those guys rip off their shirts to expose well chiseled physique?

Or even if you’re male and single, what is it that gets you irritated? It is because of the mixture of abs, colorful clothing and slick dance moves? Or are you having trouble with the language? Does it matter? Clearly not.

I’ve been into K-pop for quite sometime now and I can’t say I like everything, but for one, I do have my favorites. Do I understand the language? Yes to barely no. But the thing is, the language doesn’t dictate the entirety of the song. Sometimes, what makes a person drawn into a certain music is that of the song’s melody. It doesn’t matter if it’s in Korean, Japanese, Chinese or Thai. Plus, it won’t hurt if you listen to K-pop music. When I mean K-pop music, not just the ones you hear from music charts or from the radio with those addictive catchy tunes.

It’s often difficult to articulate why one like one thing over another, only to determine when they do come across it, they like it.