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It’s been a while since I was around here!! I missed this space. I could remember seriously writing on this blog site four years ago (2010), on my 20th birthday.

I’m still contemplating on whether I should still write here as much as I write on my new site. As you all know, I decided to pursue the career I’ve set aside for a good few years. Yep, I’m roaming the hospital premises 40 hours a week now! Wheeeww.. The transition from being in a state of crisis to now living a life with direction and better purpose was hard. Words can’t describe how miserable life was to me during that stage. But, I made it out! And I’m happier.

This blog reminds me of the things I did to relieve me of my worries during my struggles. And because at one point I wanted to start a new, I decided to create another wordpress blog called, TALES OF A THIRD WORLD NURSE

New Picture

I hope you can drop by my new site and show the same love and support you’ve given me here.

xo, Regine


Just a Number!

Virginia Woolf once wrote, “The eyes of others our prisons; their thoughts our cages.” In a world fixated on skinny supermodels, the young have subconsciously become hostages to an alarming change.

For many people today, body image is an issue that affects how they think and feel about themselves. In a society where everyone’s criticized about their looks and their weight; where youth is increasingly promoted along with thinness as essential criteria for beauty, a positive body image is hard to maintain.

The pressure of conformity is worming its way to every individual and unfortunately, sometimes, majority of these people affected feel inadequate to a certain extent. But how do we get past these struggles?

While growing up, the people closest to me would always try to pick on my “heavy” weight. Some would call me “cute“, some would say “fat“. I guess that’s just how people would normally react to an overweight kid. And I ask myself, was I ever conscious of my look?

Hmm.. I don’t really know.

I had to ask my mom how I reacted to every “fat” comment thrown at me then and said that I stare at people and held my head high giving “what-do-you-care-if-I’m-fat” attitude. Ugh, seriously, I didn’t know I was that feisty! I was told that I liked being in my sleeveless cotton shirts and those cute little panties, my ass cheeks wiggling their way out of the confines of those poor kiddie underwears! Goodness, gracious!!

Then that must be the answer. I don’t remember being uncomfortable about myself either. Ever. I believe that loving yourself and accepting who you are makes a big difference and no matter what people tell you, it’s when you embody what nature gave you only will you truly be happy.

And guess what?

Your weight is just your weight, don’t give it anymore importance than that. As Carol A. Johnson, author of the book, Self-Esteem Comes In All Sizes, would put it, your weight is not a measure of your self-worth.

NOTE: I previously posted this article in one of my blog sites (TALES OF A THIRD WORLD NURSE) which I failed to update from the time of my last post up to this date. hehehe 🙂 And I just wanted to share it here. 

On Losing Weight

The moment I arrived from Baguio on the 3rd week of May, mom noticed that I lost some weight and when I arrived on the 25th of this month, she was so bothered that I’ve lost a few pounds again.

What’s my secret?

I sleep at least 8 hours per night, I eat 3 balanced meals a day. I drink around 1500mL of milk everyday and I consume more than 8 glasses of water a day. Water therapy works. Trust me :] I can’t say I do regular exercise cause honestly, I don’t. My form of exercise include washing the clothes, sweeping, and scrubbing the floor. So that’s basically it!

I’ve noticed also that after graduation, I’ve been very particular with the foods I eat. I always make sure that my meals consist of vegetables and fruits. I’ve never been a fan of carbonated drinks. I’ve been avoiding it since I entered college.  If I do drink, I always end up complaining of heartburn.

During my college days, when hospital duties and reviewing for quizzes and exams are a regular routine, I drink at least 2 cups during the day and 3-5 cups at night. That is of course to keep me awake. But I don’t recommend that you do it too. Not at all. It’s not healthy. I’ve been addicted to it for awhile. Who wouldn’t be? Its aroma is too inviting to neglect its presence. But I had to cut down on that cause I’ve experinced palpitations and heartburn yet again and I told myself to stop drinking coffee though not totally. I still allow myself a cup once in awhile.

The rest of the family also started to eat healthy. We’ve been taking in organic foods since dad’s craniotomy almost 2 years ago and I believe that that was also one factor that contributed to our wise choice/s of food.

Staying healthy is a choice.

Losing weight ain’t that bad if you’re doing it the right way.