The Complicated Woman

Today, I woke to the sound of choppers endlessly flying here and there above the condominium building and firecrackers launched into the air to commemorate Independence Day #$@&%*!!! Please excuse my use of obscenicon. As a displeased citizen, I just can’t help but to be sarcastic on a day that I should be proud of. And my displeasure of this supposedly “important” occasion will have to stop here or I’ll end up having a sour mood for the rest of the day.


We’ll,  I’ve been in a foul mood since this week started and I’ve been trying so hard to address it. But, then, when you’re a woman, PMS-ing, with hormones shooting up, pacifying what needs to be pacified will prove to be pointless. Everything just has to be said and done or all pent up emotions will be unleashed. It’s not a pretty sight, I tell you. Nor will it sound pleasant to the ears.

Oh hell, we are complicated! Yes. WOMEN IN GENERAL ARE COMPLICATED. We operate with our minds, hearts and hormones altogether. And if instinct is added to the equation, we present ourselves as a walking network of complexity.

The boyfriend always reminds me how I can find fault from something and connect it to another and another. Then, another.  He’d say that he’s amused when that happens. But probably, deep inside,  he’s annoyed and ready to break up. 🙂

Anyway, we’re awfully easy to please given that the lady you’re dating is not a spoiled brat who’d demand you spend much on a gift. Women appreciate compliments. Our response may sound off to you but really, we do know the effort men place in flattering the opposite sex.

If there’s one thing you have to remember when dating a woman, it should be ASSURANCE.  Assurance of what? EVERYTHING!  You should all know by now how we can be irrational and too sensitive. We can be very suspicious and assuming. Our instincts or gut feelings work most often than not to our advantage.  However, this refined ability unnerves men. Then we are labeled as demanding, crazy, nagger, clingy, bitchy, paranoid. So before going ballistic, please address our intellectual and emotional needs! Be man enough!

And oh, sometimes, it would be great when you play the upperhand. Decide beforehand where you want to take your woman for dinner. It won’t kill you if you open doors for us too.


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