Johnny Moon Cafe Once Upon a Late Saturday Night

Once upon a late Saturday night, my graduate school sisters and I decided to grab something to eat. The original plan of eating Empanada, a staple snack among Ilocanos, was set aside when we accompanied one from the group and headed to C&E to buy pizza for her family and boyfriend’s family. Since everybody wanted to try something we don’t usually eat, we ordered Bagnet Pizza instead. The look of it from their menu was appetizing and we ordered additional Nacho Chips with the place’s special dip.

The pizza’s cheese was to die for! But we were quite disappointed to find a few bits of bagnet in our food. Since nobody brought a camera with flash, we were not able to take decent photos of the food we had but we certainly managed to take shots of our faces.



Getting together like this on a Saturday night is what we always look forward to. We talk about work, school, family, basically, anything under the sun. We let loose. No intellectual discussions but simply what transpired during the day, what happened, what we expected to happen, , what we wanted to happen, who was involved, who will be involved. Just like that.

After we’re done with C&E, Ate Melo and Ate Precious decided to say their goodbyes. Ma’am KL and I were left to have another round of appetizing food. This time, at JOHNNY MOON CAFE, located at La Tabacalera beside Museo Ilocos Norte, Llanes St. Laoag City.


Since we’re almost out of cash. Not almost though, hehehe.. we just didn’t want to spend much so we decided to try two different dishes that could satisfy our palates.


Dish #1: Saniata Egg Rolls Php60 (Dragon Fruit Spring Rolls – shaved and seasoned Dragon fruit skin peelings wrapped in spring roll skin)

Dish #2: Ilocos Burritos Php140 (Ground beef, bacon bits, brown rice, lettuce with mustard in burrito wrapper)

Beverage: Dragon Fruit Shake (Php100)

So far, the food was good. I only had a problem with the Ilocos Burritos. It was too salty for me. Although the mustard was there to balance the taste, the saltiness of the beef was too empowering. So, if your watching your salt intake, you might as well request the person taking your order not to add too much sodium on your food.

And oh by the way, what’s more fun? The employees are very nice and accommodating. I’d definitely go back to try their other dishes.

I’m a satisfied customer! 😛


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