Monthly Archives: December 2011


Emy, a close friend of mine (to which our friendship dates back 2002), tagged me on a facebook post of Adele’s One and Only mentioning of singing this song to that “special” person to which I replied, “I wish I can dedicate this to that one person but time and circumstances will never ever permit. NOT NOW. NOT EVER. :[” 

Having mentioned Adele, she’s simply amazing and her voice is breathtaking! I specifically like listening to her live performances. It gives me goosebumps and her music is relatable. The song’s lyrics bares it all for listeners. You can feel the burst of emotions without actually experiencing what she went through.

Adele’s soul-type sound and raspy-edged vocals and her connection to the songs (taking inspiration from past love), turning her HEARTBREAK INTO GOLD, make her different from other artists of the present generation who tries so hard to collaborate with other artists to come up with a hit track.

And while going over YouTube, I found the sickest cover of Adele’s One and Only by Jack Martello.

Been obsessing over the song for awhile. With amazing guitar skills and a beautiful voice, it’s pretty phenomenal. I couldn’t help myself but smile and sing.

I’m blown away!