It’s been a while since I was around here!! I missed this space. I could remember seriously writing on this blog site four years ago (2010), on my 20th birthday.

I’m still contemplating on whether I should still write here as much as I write on my new site. As you all know, I decided to pursue the career I’ve set aside for a good few years. Yep, I’m roaming the hospital premises 40 hours a week now! Wheeeww.. The transition from being in a state of crisis to now living a life with direction and better purpose was hard. Words can’t describe how miserable life was to me during that stage. But, I made it out! And I’m happier.

This blog reminds me of the things I did to relieve me of my worries during my struggles. And because at one point I wanted to start a new, I decided to create another wordpress blog called, TALES OF A THIRD WORLD NURSE

New Picture

I hope you can drop by my new site and show the same love and support you’ve given me here.

xo, Regine


Say Something (Piano Cover) feat. SUSAN WARD

My love affair with music covers has gone a long way. It takes great guts, mad skills (well, not so much of that) and real talent to be able to come up with a way to “own” a song. It’s not everyday that we meet these kind of creative people. Thanks to YT, it paved way for artists to be heard and recognized by the world.

And, today, I came across one of my favorite YT musicians, Tyler Ward who posted his mom’s AAAA-MAZING piano cover of the song, Say Something by A Great Big World. A big shout out to SUSAN WARD for playing so beautifully! I suddenly wished I took my piano lessons seriously when I was younger. This is so inspiring. Really beautiful. JUST BEAUTIFUL.

Be swept away.


Lost & Found

For the past five months, my life revolved around the concept of being a good daughter who intends to not disappoint and fulfill her filial duties without fail. For the past five months, it felt like I was somebody else living the life of a supposedly perfect daughter. Believe me, I’m nowhere near perfect. I will never be. For five months, I felt really unhappy trying to carry half the burden of having a sick family member. I felt to my core everyone’s exhaustion, displeasure, desperation and fear. Did I happen to absorb all those negative energies? For five months, while nailing my expected duties, I felt lost. For five months and until three days ago, I am unsure. Of what? Of what to do with my life. With my education, career and everything else that goes in between.

That 5 months and a few days was so dreadful. I don’t blame the circumstances and the people that lead to my experience lately. I’m also not in the position to point fingers at anybody. I guess, I had to be in that phase. It was meant to happen. It just had to be that way. I’m putting it at that. It may sound shit (excuse my word) but yeah, everything happens for a reason.

Yes, I’m out of that misery. I had to take myself out of it or it would eat me alive. It was sad and totally boring!! NEVER AGAIN would I want to be in that dreadful situation. I’m taking control of my life and I’m starting with:

1. Applying for Comprehensive Examination. After taking all necessary academic requirements, it’s time to take the comps! I had it processed last week and still waiting for the evaluation of my grades from the Nursing Department of my university.

2. Securing all undergraduate and post graduate academic documents for employment. Yes, I’m finally decided to practice my profession. I’m gonna try my luck in the metro. A change of environment. It’s what I need! It’s what I want. Independence has always been my thing. I thrive well in new environment.

3. Applying for NCLEX. I have long been planning for this but I still wasn’t sure then what U.S. State I’d like to get my RN license. So, my choices boiled down to two, Nevada or New York. Which ever state’s fingerprint card arrives first will have to be the one.

4. Moving to the metro in a month’s time. A new journey will begin soon!

You see, I was once recently lost. If you are too, believe that you’ll find your way. You might even be surprised at what you can do after. For now, I’m living life one day at a time.


The Complicated Woman

Today, I woke to the sound of choppers endlessly flying here and there above the condominium building and firecrackers launched into the air to commemorate Independence Day #$@&%*!!! Please excuse my use of obscenicon. As a displeased citizen, I just can’t help but to be sarcastic on a day that I should be proud of. And my displeasure of this supposedly “important” occasion will have to stop here or I’ll end up having a sour mood for the rest of the day.


We’ll,  I’ve been in a foul mood since this week started and I’ve been trying so hard to address it. But, then, when you’re a woman, PMS-ing, with hormones shooting up, pacifying what needs to be pacified will prove to be pointless. Everything just has to be said and done or all pent up emotions will be unleashed. It’s not a pretty sight, I tell you. Nor will it sound pleasant to the ears.

Oh hell, we are complicated! Yes. WOMEN IN GENERAL ARE COMPLICATED. We operate with our minds, hearts and hormones altogether. And if instinct is added to the equation, we present ourselves as a walking network of complexity.

The boyfriend always reminds me how I can find fault from something and connect it to another and another. Then, another.  He’d say that he’s amused when that happens. But probably, deep inside,  he’s annoyed and ready to break up. 🙂

Anyway, we’re awfully easy to please given that the lady you’re dating is not a spoiled brat who’d demand you spend much on a gift. Women appreciate compliments. Our response may sound off to you but really, we do know the effort men place in flattering the opposite sex.

If there’s one thing you have to remember when dating a woman, it should be ASSURANCE.  Assurance of what? EVERYTHING!  You should all know by now how we can be irrational and too sensitive. We can be very suspicious and assuming. Our instincts or gut feelings work most often than not to our advantage.  However, this refined ability unnerves men. Then we are labeled as demanding, crazy, nagger, clingy, bitchy, paranoid. So before going ballistic, please address our intellectual and emotional needs! Be man enough!

And oh, sometimes, it would be great when you play the upperhand. Decide beforehand where you want to take your woman for dinner. It won’t kill you if you open doors for us too.